“Cibola tries to understand a problem before solving it. We are all about solutions, not product sales.”

Cibola’s well-earned reputation as a company with command over both the big picture and the small details is due in large part to Ellen Mogasemi.  Ellen owns her role as Office Administrator, moving nimbly between administrative responsibilities, facilities management, vendor relations, and personnel matters.  She is the oil that keeps the Cibola engine running smoothly.

“We all want each other to succeed and do our best work,” explains Ellen.  “This, in turn, encourages us to cross-train each other.  Being a boutique firm lends itself to this effort.  We respect each other’s time and work, and we hold each other accountable.”

Ellen’s administrative focus includes coordinating support for project, accounting, marketing, and general office functions.  She is also involved in annual budgetary planning, managing all licensing and certification processes, and recruiting top-level candidates for staff positions.  On top of all that, Ellen spearheads Cibola’s community service projects.  Indeed, Ellen wears many hats, always with an eye toward Client satisfaction.

 “A big reason we are so successful at helping companies improve collaboration between disciplines is we are a multi-disciplinary firm ourselves.  We have a very talented group of creative problem-solvers, each in his or her own discipline.  Our creativity starts in the office and continues all the way to the client project site.”


Ellen Mogasemi

Office Administrator
Joined Cibola: 2004

Education & Credentials

  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science/International Affairs
    George Washington University
  • Society for Human Resource Management

Did You Know?

Ellen is responsible for Cibola’s sustainability programs and also oversees our edible garden!