“When potential clients come to Cibola they quickly realize we can do it all, and we do it very well. They never have to go anywhere else. ”

At the intersection of artistry and engineering, you will find Shawn Silva.  As a Cibola Technician, he’s responsible for taking complex data, drawings – even napkin sketches – and transforming them into detailed schematic diagrams that serve as blueprints for Cibola projects.  Shawn loves the freedom, variety and challenges his position affords.

“Cibola is a fun place to work because it allows me to have my hands in several disciplines that make up who we are,” says Shawn.  “One day I can be in the office drawing up schematics, the next day I can be out in the field helping put together the systems I drew up.”

Shawn’s visual roadmaps are sent to software engineers who rely on them to program intricate AV systems.  Eventually his schematics end up in the hands of field technicians who install the components and cables that make up most projects.  Shawn is also responsible for preparing closing documents for Clients, including preparation of training manuals that provide step-by-step guidance for end-users.

“We are always ready to take on challenging and innovative projects that might overwhelm other firms.  Our team effort involves so many moving parts, it’s impressive to watch it all come together.  Ultimately, it is our Clients who truly benefit.”


Shawn Silva

Joined Cibola: 2006

Education & Credentials

  • Associate of Science Degree in Computer Aided Drafting & Design
    ITT Technical Institute, Anaheim, Salutatorian

Did You Know?

Shawn is a fitness guru who is always happy to share his knowledge of nutrition and exercise. He even manages to teach a fitness class every now and then.