Elevating Group Communication

When teams are divided by time, place, or viewpoints, they turn to Cibola. Our mastery of audiovisual technology, adult communication strategies, and top-level customer service are the main reasons 75% of our clients are repeat customers.

Could your teams be more productive?  Consider Cibola’s market-tested approach:

Solve the Right Problem, Not the Wrong One

Our experience and unique methodology reveal the most critical issues to be addressed.  Cibola is often called upon to fix missteps, miscalculations, and lack of foresight.

Own the Process

Ask around – and you’ll quickly learn no firm nails down details like Cibola. We offer a single point of accountability on every project.

People Before Technology

We turn the process inside out, focusing on humans at the start, then crafting technology around their needs.  By fusing organizational science with human factors, we develop a rich understanding of your organization’s communication gaps, goals, and opportunities.


Over the past four decades, Cibola has designed and built more than 2,000 communication environments for national leaders in healthcare, professional services, and higher education, as well as many government agencies.

Durability, Reliability, Predictability

Our easy-to-use systems are built to last, built for high performance, and built for minimal maintenance and maximum scalability.

Deliver Value

Cibola’s cost-conscious design approach, commitment to quality, and exceptional warranty and repair services add up to unrivaled value.


If you are seeking a true and measurable Return on Investment, both in terms of dollars and productivity, Cibola is ready to deliver. We do not merely install equipment, we design high payback environments that help people do their best work as a group.