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Success Metric:
Cut Board Meeting Time in Half

This public agency’s charter includes a complex voting process that formerly caused Board meetings to last two days, and sometimes created a lack of clarity about how decisions were reached. The Board Chair and CEO formed a small group to address the problem, with the goal of shortening meetings for the 38 members while building public trust.

Phase One:
Automating the Manual Meeting Process

Cibola focused on improving three elements of the Board meeting experience: calculating voting shares and displaying member votes in real time; distributing live video of meetings to a public waiting area; and making video meeting transcripts available to the public. This resulted in higher Board member satisfaction, as well as a greater level of transparency that generated press and public recognition.

Phase Two:
Technology Upgrade

Ten years after designing and implementing the Boardroom, the agency asked Cibola to complete a broad technology upgrade. The project team developed a rigorous schedule to manage all aspects of the project, including equipment procurement, installation, and coordinating project subcontractors.

Regular communication between Cibola’s technical team and the Client assured rapid concept approvals, while on-site mockups and software proof-of-concept were once again used to speed engineering and implementation. Together these processes ensured the system transition was accomplished on budget with no disruption to the Board’s monthly meetings.

“I wanted to take this opportunity and express my sincere appreciation to you and your staff for an outstanding, consistent, responsive and dedicated service. I know I can always depend on these individuals whenever I need them.”

Engineering Manager

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